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Grant Mayfield

Episode #036

Grant is a senior at Saint Louis University studying political science and communication. After growing up in Overland Park, KS, Grant moved to St. Louis, MO where he discovered his passion for diversity and inclusion amidst the Black Lives Matter movement. Since then he has been involved with Student Government, Greek Life, an a cappella group, Rainbow Alliance, and the Diversity Leadership Cabinet. After graduation next May, he hopes to use his diverse interests and experiences to promote diversity and inclusion across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. You can find him on twitter at @GrantMayfield or in person, most likely in a booth at the Library Annex.


Brandon Molina

Episode #035

Brandon is a sophomore at College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn IL. He is studying to become a Speech Pathologist however is not yet sure where he will continue his studies after COD. Brandon loves Soccer his favorite teams being Real Madrid and the Chicago Fire. He also loves reading, spending time with friends, and of course listening to Entitled to My Friends Opinion! He is a happy guy that tries to live life to the fullest. Hope you enjoy my story! 

Adam Rozak

Episode #033

Adam Rozak is a student at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Outside of class, he spends much of his time in the central Illinois and Chicago comedy communities. You can follow him on twitter @adam_not_eve_ and also eventually on his new website:


Kyle Watson

Episode #032 - Fight For Your Life

Kyle Watson has dedicated over a third of his life to practicing and teaching martial arts. He began his journey during his college career at the University of llinois, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Education. While laying a foundation in the combat sports, he also began developing his ability to teach others. In 1999, Kyle started down his martial arts path with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, one of the most effective and realistic systems the world has seen. 

Kyle holds the rank of black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the legendary Gracie lineage. The Gracie family is responsible for developing the art over the last several decades in Brazil. Kyle’s instructors, Jack McVicker and Megaton Diaz, are both black belts under the world renowned Royler Gracie. Kyle has been competing in BJJ for the last ten years and has medaled in some of the sport’s most prestigious tournaments. He has even traveled to Brazil, the birthplace of Jiu-Jitsu, several times to train and compete. To further enhance his grappling skills, Kyle has also spent a significant amount of time studying wrestling.

In addition to his training on the ground, Kyle spent many years developing his striking skills. He holds the rank of red/black belt in Jeet Kune Do Concepts under Jack McVicker. Originally developed by Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do (JKD) has evolved into one of the most effective striking arts. Due to its strategies for surviving realistic street altercations, JKD has been taught to our Navy Seals, as well as many police departments. However, with many of the tactics in JKD being illegal for sport competition due to their brutal nature, Kyle spent many years also training Muay Thai kickboxing with Ryan Blackorby to supplement his stand-up training for the ring.

Always looking to test his techniques and challenge himself, Kyle broadened his competition endeavors to include Mixed Martial Arts. He has fought throughout the U.S. and even in Costa Rica and Beirut. He is also one of the few individuals to reach the pinnacle of their sport, as he has had six fights with the biggest organization in the industry, the “Ultimate Fighting Championship.”

Kyle has traveled around the globe to compete, train, and corner other fighters. But while he sharpens his own skills in training and competition, his strength and true passion is teaching others. Therefore, he is continually striving to not only become a better competitor, but also a better teacher and role model. And with this relentless pursuit of improvement, Kyle definitely embodies the popular quote, “To become a great teacher, you must never stop being a student.”

Nathan Dollinger


Nathan is currently a Health Data Analyst at Midwest Health Initiative working to improve community health outcomes. As a recent graduate of Saint Louis University, he is now pursing a Masters in Health Data Science and applying for Medical School. Through his experience as an EMT in St. Louis and a former Cancer Genetic researcher, he brings a unique perspective on our current Healthcare system. His ultimate goal is to change the course of our healthcare system to a brighter and more equitable future. 

Check out Nathan’s new Podcast called “The Future of Healthcare” which will launch on August 7th.


Zach palmisano


Zach is a junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Some of his hobbies include writing, making short films with his pals, and recording podcasts with Bob.

Chris Dolphin


Chris is a senior at Bradley University studying Public Relations and Religious Studies. Recently having spent time abroad Chris was thrilled by the opportunity to chat with his old friend Bob.



Ted mathys, mfa, ma

#022 - get educated, get active, get pissed off

Ted Mathys holds an MFA in the Iowa Writers' Workshop and an MA in international environmental policy from Tufts University. He currently resides in Saint Louis, where he teaches at Saint Louis University and co-curates the 100 Boots Poetry Series at Pulitzer Arts Foundation.

He is the author of three books of poetry, Null Set (2015), The Spoils (2009) and Forge (2005), all from Coffee House Press

Kayla kostelecky, J.D.

#021 - Iron Sky

Coming soon!


FB Profile Photo.jpg

David Brotherton, MBA, MSc

#020 - Hey. Does it feel warm out to you? 

David Brotherton is the Program Director for Business and Environment at University of California, Berkeley. He recieved his B.S. in Meteorology from Saint Louis University, his MBA in Finance & Strategy from University of Iowa and MSc (Master of Science) in Carbon Management from University of Edinburgh (UK). 

As a Teaching Fellow at University of Edinburgh's Center for Business and Climate Change, David taught Master's level courses in Climate Change and Business Strategy, Carbon Accounting and Climate Change Science and Policy. Currently, David oversees the Advanced Program in Sustainable Management at UC Berkeley Extension.  

Jim Santel

#018 - Just out of Curiosity

Jim Santel served as a speechwriter to Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch from 2015 to 2017. His writing has appeared in The Wall Street JournalThe Paris Review, and The American Scholar, among other essays. A native of St. Louis, he currently lives in Washington, D.C., where he works at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012, and will be heading to Cambridge University to pursue a master's degree in history in the fall of 2017.

jim santel.jpg

Nick and Brutus 2.jpg

Nicholas Zavediuk, Ph.D.

#016 - Voting, easy as π

Nicholas received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Saint Louis University in 2016. During this time, he spent a year as a visiting doctoral student in the Political Theory Project at Brown University. He presently works as an adjunct Professor of Philosophy at SLU and St. Charles Community College. Nicholas has dedicated his career to political philosophy and ethics and

Some fun facts about Nicholas: Nicholas hails from the proud land of Canada, he loves cats and cat videos and cat memes, and 'kind of liked the first new Billiken" (Bring back the old new Billiken). 


Dan Kozlowski, Ph.D.

#012 - alternative fictions

Dan Kozlowski is an associate professor and the undergraduate program coordinator in the Department of Communication at Saint Louis University, where he teaches free expression and a variety of journalism and media courses.  He also holds a secondary appointment in SLU's School of Law.  He has presented his research at numerous academic conferences, and his work has appeared in Communication Law and Policy, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Free Speech Yearbook, The International Encyclopedia of Communication, and other places. 

He's also a co-author of the forthcoming 20th edition of the textbook Mass Media Law.  He received his master’s degree from Saint Louis University and his doctorate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Before entering academia, he worked professionally as a copy editor and page designer for a community newspaper and as a sports producer and production assistant for WNBC-TV in New York City.  



Anna Kratky, J.D.

#009 - the title's all in the name

Anna Kratky completed her undergraduate work at Wheaton College in Norton, MA graduating in 2004. She taught and studied in South Korea as a Fulbright Scholar before returning to her hometown of St. Louis to obtain her law degree at Saint Louis University in 2008. Kratky was an Assistant Circuit Attorney at the City of Saint Louis Circuit Attorney's Office until she joined the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity at SLU in 2015. As a Sex Crimes and Child Abuse prosecutor, she brings years of experience working in the field of sexual assault and domestic violence.

When she isn't working, Anna enjoys spending time with her husband and their 1 year old son and playing volleyball. 

Lisa Gladson, M.A.

#006 - Death, Taxes, and Government Intervention     

Lisa received her B.A. in Economics at Depauw University and her M.A Economics at St. Louis University. 

She was employed for 8 years in the financial services industry including retail banking, operations and technical training. Lisa then began as adjunct faculty in dept. of Economicsat SLU in 1999, becoming a full-time non-tenure track faculty from 2007-2014. 

Lisa then returned to adjunct faculty status in 2014-2015 academic year. She presently works as a private consultant on macroeconomic trends for investment advising firms 



Avis E. Meyer, Ph.D.

#005 - Inform, enterntain, and Sell 

SLU, 1974-2016

Journalism, editing, writing, and film classes

Several teaching and advising awards

Currently: prof. emeritus


Post-Dispatch: 1982-2005

Copy editor, news desk; part-time, school; full-time, summer

Occasional writer of travel articles, miscellaneous reviews


Robby Francis, M.a.

#003 - [how] to be a man

I've worked as a Campus Minister at SLU for three and a half years. Prior to SLU, I worked for about 6 years as a Youth Minister at two different parishes: St. Margaret Mary Alacoque in Oakville, MO and St. Peter Parish in Kirkwood, MO.

When it comes to work around masculinity stuff, I've led groups for college men on building better understandings of masculinity, serve as a mentor for several college males, have given presentations on toxic masculinity and am currently leading a program with several SLU colleagues called Promoting Real Authentic Masculinities. 

I have a B.A. in Philosophy from St. John's University (New York) and a M.A. in Pastoral Studies and Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Aquinas Institute of Theology (St. Louis).




Elizabeth Sweeny block, ph.d. 

#001 - The Old Testament and the gospel of mark z.

Dr. Elizabeth Block has been an assistant professor of Theological Studies at Saint Louis University since 2014. She received her B.A. in Psychology and Theology from Georgetown University, her M.T.S. (Master of Theological Studies) from Candler School of Theology at Emory University, and her Ph.D. in Religious Ethics from The University of Chicago.

Today, she specializes in Christian ethics, with particular emphases on fundamental moral theology, moral anthropology, virtue ethics, feminist theological ethics, and technology and ethics. Her first book, focused on conscience, is in the works.

At SLU, Elizabeth has taught courses on Christian Ethics, the Ethics of Technology, and the Freedom of Conscience.


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