#040 - Time For a Change

Protests have exploded in St. Louis following the final verdict of a case regarding Jason Stockley, a St. Louis police officer responsible for the death of Anthony Lamar Smith. Officer Stockley shot Smith 5 times after an alleged drug deal which developed into a car chase. Despite DNA evidence providing evidence that Stockley planted a gun in Smith's car and stockley's damning quote, "I’m going to kill this this motherfucker, don’t you know it," the St. Louis court of law failed to convict the officer with first degree murder. 

Our hosts take the time to briefly break down the case and it's response in St. Louis. We then turn to a larger question - what is the efficacy of protests in the modern United States? 

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#038 - Unprecedented Advocacy with Mary Baudouin

The Jesuit sphere of influence extends from some of America's finest universities, to the top of the Vatican, and even to some of the most profitable boardrooms on the stock market. This week, Assistant for Social Ministries of the Central and Southern Province, Mary Baudouin,  joins Brian to discuss how the Jesuits in the US and Canada have influenced corporations like Monsanto to implement socially responsible and sustainable business practices. Hear Mary talk about this cunning sort of advocacy, which meets companies where they are in order to implement last change.

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#037 - What's in the Box?

We wish we could say this episode was Brad Pitt saying "what's in the box?" on loop for an hour, sorry, not true. Instead, Bob and Josh discuss two classic thought Experiments. 

Beetle in the Box by Ludwig Wittgenstein describes a world in which everyone is given a box with a beetle inside. However, no one is able to look into anyone else's box. How then would the world be able to agree on the reality of what a beetle really is?

Mary's Room by Frank Johnson describes a brilliant scientist who understands the complexities of human sight, but has never seen in color. Although she understands everything that goes into seeing color, would she learn anything when exposed to color for the first time?

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Today's ending song is Wasting Time by Jack Johnson (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaDmchfCaJA)

#036 - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (ft. Grant Mayfield)

[Diversity and Equity] Josh and Grant Mayfield sit down to discuss the progress and the challenges of creating a culture of diversity and inclusion. The start by looking at how a changing workforce will challenge companies to stay ahead of the curve with their diversity initiatives or risk becoming the next corporate pariah. 

Josh and Grant then venture into a discussion of what make the United States so unique in this journey of diversity and inclusion. They explore why the U.S. is still the "beacon of light" for immigrants around the world. However the two challenge each other's views when it comes to understanding how far we have come as society to how far we still have to go. 

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Today's ending song is Wait a Minute! by Willow Smith (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKh31vKbQig)

#035 - Brandon Molina


Brandon Molina has been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints his entire life. Months into his 2 year mission in Brazil, he decided to leave the church and return home to the United States. He was kind enough to share his story in today's podcast. 

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Today's ending song is CRΣΣKS by Bon Iver (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_Fx1yq3A8M)

#034 - Many Americas


Brian, Bob, and Josh reunite in our first podcast from 3 cities - Kansas City, St. Louis, and New York City #BriansBack.

We enter a discussion of the ideological gaps in the United States. Would the country benefit from redrawing it's state boarders to one's the more appropriately correlate with the area's sense of identity? This draws us to an interesting conversation on urban elitism and what it means to be an American. 

We then turn to the morality of children. Continuing one's lineage continues to be one of life's most satisfying endeavors. It is hard to imagine a life without children. However, the Earth cannot sustain this growth. Is there a moral argument for limiting how many children we have? 

Today's ending song is an excerpt from Ocean by John Butler. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdYJf_ybyVo). 

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#033 - Adam Rozak


Adam Rozak is a stand-up comedian, a sketch comedian, and writer. In this episode, Bob and Adam take the time to explore the art of comedy. This brings us to a larger question - the qualifications of an artist. 

Today's ending song is Friends by Francis and the lights ft. Bon Iver and Kanye West. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wScYn10D2vo). 

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#032 - Fight for Your Life (ft. Kyle Watson)

[Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC] Josh sits down with former UFC fighter Kyle Watson to discuss the glory and hardships that come as a professional fighter.

The episode starts by discussing Kyle's history as a competitor on the reality television show The Ultimate Fighter and his time in the UFC. The conversation then flows into a discussion about the difficulties of professional fighters and the hardship these athletes endure without the glory of other major sports. The conversation finishes with a look at why martial arts are a life changing practice.

This episode's song is Kyle's walkout song, You Can't Stop Me by Andy Mineo.

#031 - Garrett Ziegler

Illinois boasts the third largest city in the nation, an impressive GDP, and is the proud home of our guest and host today. Bob is grateful to be joined by entitled team member, Garrett Ziegler, as he visits him in The Big Apple. Garrett shares his impressive knowledge of the state's complexities in a discussion of the recent Illinois budget. We then proceed to a larger discussion about corruption and public choice. I know you will enjoy Garrett's presence and knowledge. 

For more with Garrett, check his show The Witness Review and read the accompanying blog post: "Clingers and Bandits: Illinois Edition".








#030 - How Did We Get Here?

Josh and Bob tackle some local news, again reporting on the minimum wage in St. Louis City. Thanks to a study out of George Washington University, new evidence is mounting towards the challenge of minimum wage bumps. We decide to take a spin at the other things we could be focusing our attention on in the world of minimum wage positions. 

We then turn to the biggest joke of the 21st century - the Illinois state government. After 736 days of running sans budget, they've finally passed one. Let's see how it looks.

Finally, there is a meme of Donald Trump pile driving CNN and we have to talk about it. 

This weeks song is There Will Be Time by Mumford and Sons with Baaba MaalCheck it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCIHPdx1OAs (we do not own any rights) 

#028 - Zach Palmisano


Zach Palmisano has a thirst for education rivaled by few. Constantly reading and consuming knowledge, his obsession with fact brings me to call him the embodiment of reddit in a human. It is this dedication to learning which has made him the second guest on Bob's individual podcast. 

We begin with a comparison of our two midwest college campuses. Zach then leads us in a discussion of postmodernist literature and art. We finish with a conversation on psychedelics in medicine. I hope you'll give him a listen. 

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#027 - Where's Waldo

The energy is at full blast in this episode as our three host reunite for the first time this summer. We begin with discussions of wealth distribution. Has it become more difficult to obtain extreme wealth? It is clear that modern technology has caused an increase of what is termed as an average income. Josh shares the knowledge of a recent article explaining how seeing neighbors with nice cars may actually shed some optimistic light on the subject. 

We then turn the recent discovery of a 300,000 year old homosapien jaw bone. Nearly double the age of the last known remains, this pushes the age of modern humans back and throws them across the country of Africa. This yields many moral and scientific questions of how we view ourselves.

We end with stories of Brian's recent trip to Europe. It's interesting how close individuals can get after a short time together abroad. 

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#026 - Chris Dolphin


This is the first episode of a new format that Bob will be leading bimonthly, as part of the growing Entitled to My Friend's Opinion Podcast. We are all excited to begin formulating multiple styles of podcasts to add variance to our aims. Bob will be conducting one-on-one conversations with friends and colleagues in greater length than our traditional episodes. We will publish these episodes on Mondays in the hopes that you will gradually listen to them throughout the week. We hope you enjoy. 

Our guest is Chris Dolphin, a writer, musician, and dear friend. Chris brings his unique propensity for story telling as we discuss marketing, global tribalism, and hinduism. Each word Chris uses seems to be chosen with intensifying care and candor. We think you'll truly enjoy him. 

Thank you to all of our listeners. For more information on our guests, or an archive of all of our past episodes visit our website entitledopinions.com


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