#001 - From Old Testament to the Gospel of Mark Z. (ft. Elizabeth Block, Ph.D.)

[Technological Ethics] In this inaugural episode, Dr. Elizabeth Block joins Bob, Brian, and Josh to discuss the ethics of technology. A professor of Theological Studies at Saint Louis University, Elizabeth answers questions about the social media, smartphones, virtues, and the ethics of technological progress.

Millennia ago, Socrates warned against books as detrimental to social interaction. Now, in 2017, shows like Black Mirror highlight the need to practice age-old virtues to protect ourselves from the growing consequences of ever-expanding technology. In a world dominated by what we've termed The Gospel of Mark Z. it results that ethical conversations must expand to compensate for the interconnectivity (and detachment) created by Mark Zuckerberg and social media. What technologies already demand attention, and which emerging ones must we be ready to handle responsibly? How entangled has our existence and definition of self become with technology?

Elizabeth guides Bob, Brian, and Josh toward a basic understanding of general ethical guidelines, then offers suggestions about how to apply them to our digitally dependent world.

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