#003 - [How] To Be a Man (ft. Robby Francis, M.A.)


Saint Louis University Campus Minister, Robby Francis, joins us this week to unpack modern concepts of masculinity and offers his idea to reframe them. Feminism, and defining the feminine, receives heavy discussion in pop culture - and deservedly so. However, recent critiques of toxic masculinity have looked to address the growing concerns of young males who face bullying and depression as a result of their personal relationship to their own masculinity.

Robby leads Bob, Brian, and Josh in a discussion about classical and modern ideas of masculinity, femininity, and general humanity. How natural, or biological, are the roots of our society’s traditional understanding of masculinity as aggressive, stone-faced, and physically gifted? By questioning classical tenets of masculinity, are we placing femininity on an inherently higher moral ground? What does the Church have to say about developing gender theories?

These questions guide today’s chat about masculinity and highlight some areas where we might need to be more critical about the status quo.

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