#005 - Inform, Entertain, and SELL (ft. Avis Meyer, Ph.D.)


Dr. Meyer swaggered into our recording studio and immediately launched into a narration of the highlights of his career - which included an impressive 23 years at the Post-Dispatch and 42 years at Saint Louis University. Armed with a bright technicolored tie (paralleled by the tie in his bio), he explained that the pinnacle of his career had been the many years in which he had served as Santa Claus at local malls. It was clear in this moment that we had found the right man to guide our conversation regarding media and news.

With the passion and precision only obtained through years of experience, Dr. Meyer leads Brian, Bob, and Josh through a cheerful series of anecdotal teachings regarding the history of news. He readily relates his sentiment for the importance of print media and outlines the dangers of modern media practices. It is difficult to listen to his relations without developing a desire to seek classic, well researched, print news.

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