#006 - Not My Government


The influx of technology and its integration into our lives is expanding at an unprecedented rate. Data is collected on you daily. It inevitably follows that federal governments will seek to gain control over this exploding industry. In this week's solo podcast, Josh, Bob, and Brian explore recent legislature which expands the government's ability to collect information on its people. 

They then turn to increasing marijuana use amongst pregnant women and the implications of medical marijuana treatments and research. Inconsistencies in this field of study often create scape-goats for those searching for validity in medicinal marijuana use. However, medicinal practices often go undiscussed with medical professionals.

Next addressed is the growing call for state secession and the etymology of the act of secession dating back to the Articles of Confederation, the 13 colonies, and later - the civil war. Can the United States remain a sovereign federal power? Or should state sovereignty prevail in a system resembling that of the European Union.

Brian concludes our podcast with a segment of what he is obsessed with - a quick guide to finding affordable airfare. 

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