#008 - Black and Blue and Underfunded All Over


The inequity of the public school system is so grossly apparent that "schools" is the first suggested word that appears in Google when you type "underfunded." Brian begins our examination of the public school system by drawing attention to the reaccreditation of a public school in St. Louis City and the apprehension of parents to return their children to their original school - pulling them out of the St. Louis County school they have been temporarily allowed to attend. We then turn to the militarization of public schools following the increased call for police intervention in school conflicts. Josh questions whether these individuals' presence is quenching or exacerbating violence amongst student populations. 

This week's solo podcast kicks off with an examination of two graphs charting the biases of major news sources. Josh, bob, and Brian continue to challenge listeners to expand their means of consuming news and creating their own entitled opinions. 

We end with something that Josh is obsessed with - television comedies. Comedy has been a serious part of society's ability to critique itself leading all the way back to the great comedic works of William Shakespeare and even the Greek comedies before him. The hosts take some time to revel in the current comedic television climate and discuss some of their favorite shows. 

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