#009 - The Title's All in the Number (ft. Anna Kratky, J.D.)


A fitting topic to address in the ninth episode of our podcast, but one that brings conditional anxiety - Title IX. We were fortunate enough to have Anna Kratky, Saint Louis University's Title IX coordinator and past sex crime prosecutor, to lend her guidance and expertise of the subject. In this episode, Bob and Brian seek to answer the question: Is Title IX fair? 

To those familiar with the aims of Title IX - namely, equity between the sexes, this may seem like an easy question to answer. Unfortunately, the political and bureaucratic climate of college campuses isn't this simple. Many label Title IX as a program established solely for women, resulting in a victimization of men - especially in cases of sexual assault. Others draw attention to the complications, both historical and modern, that the NCAA has faced with cases of sexual assault amongst student athletes. It is clear that issues reside in multiple facets of this topic. 

With the help of Anna, we hope to shed light on the benefits of the program which has been scorned as the new separate but equal principle. Title IX's benefits for student health is unquestionable and we are delighted to participate in the dissemination of this program's noble values. Unfortunately, we all will have a loved one affected by sexual bias or sexual harassment but, it's comforting to know that people like Anna are willing to dedicate their lives to the equitable and fair treatment of all. Regardless of sex. 

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