#010 - No Better Time to Be Alive


We've reached our tenth anniversary - ten hours of entitled opinions now exist on the internet and we cannot be more grateful to our listeners for the terrific response we've received thus far.

Capitalizing on this special occasion, Bob and Josh have produced a new format - alone without being joined by a quest or fellow host Brian Dugan. We hope that this allows for a more candid experience for our listeners.

Starting with the approaching reality of increased automation in the work place - we entertain the economic and social results of eliminating unskilled labor jobs. No economy has ever functioned without the backbone of unskilled labor, especially since the dawn of the industrial revolution. The unsettling results of increased automation draws troubling questions for those who are at risk of losing their jobs. 

We then turn towards Donald Trump's recent address in Florida. Drawing parallels to past presidents, we begin to ask: Have our politicians become mere celebrities? How different are we to cultures which held their leaders as gods? 

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