#013 - The Kumbaya of Racial Unity


It felt wrong not to do a special podcast for our lucky 13th podcast. Celebrating the reunion of our three host, we decided to take the gloves off and begin discussing more heavily debated topics. All the while, having a great time.  

We start by examining St. Louis City's recent passing on the $10 minimum wage. With the fight for 15 and sensational quests for an increased minimum wage catalyzed by Bernie Sanders, its time to lay out some of the clear positives and hidden negatives. Brian, Bob, and Josh discuss their excitement and apprehensions of these movements, hoping to shine light on both sides of the issue.

Turning globally, we discuss Barcelona's new push to limit tourism - a industry which accounts for 14% of their city's economy. It's clear that Barcelona is not alone in wanting to close their doors to those who appear different. We are drawn to an overarching question of America's call for racial and ideological mixing. Can the kumbaya of racial unity exist? Why are so many individuals drawn to nationalism and what implications does this have on the world? 

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