#016 - Voting, Easy as π (ft. Nicholas Zavediuk Ph.D.)


[Political Philosophy] The 2016 election shook the modern political world. Disheartened youth took the streets in large demonstrations as fly-over-state working class families celebrated what they felt was the government hearing their voice. Political theorists are still slaving over the data to come to a collective conclusion over the phenomenon of this past election. However, this election is not unparalleled. Despite its uniqueness, an examination history shows that bipartisanship has not intensified, but rather evolved.

This is one of the many interesting concepts that our guest, Nicholas Zavediuk, poses during today's podcast. Dr. Zavediuk yields a Ph.D. in philosophy, but with a high reverence for economics as a method of framing political questions. This unique perspective serves perfectly in his leadership through a conversation regarding ignorance, knowledge, and the ideals of politics. 

How well informed are American voters? What are some of the possibilities which could achieve a more organic state of Democracy? 

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