#021 - Iron Sky (ft. Kayla Kostelecky J.D.)


We are fortunate to be joined by our guest, Kayla Kostelecky, as we launch into a discussion of bioethics. Kayla received her J.D. from Chicago-Kent College of Law and is presently attaining her Ph.D. in Bioethics from Saint Louis University. She is able to bring a wonderful combination of expertise and humility as we ask questions which seem crucial to defining the modern human condition.

We begin with Kayla's dissertation work regarding the complexities of mental health and its relation to patients' rights. Where does the line need to be drawn before a physician needs to make decisions on behalf of their patients? Are we obligated to uphold human dignity by granting individuals the right to refuse treatment - or even the right to physician-assisted suicide? 

Kayla then turns our discussions to beginning of life genetic innovations. Revolutionary technologies such as three-parent IVF and CRISPR cas-9 threaten the very laws of reproduction. Have humans become consumed by a need to surpass our genetic limits? Are we pushing towards the destruction of natural form, replacing it with iron made bionics? 

We've decided to begin a new tradition for our closing music so that our guests can better get to know the entitled crew. Our hosts will switching off choosing the closing music. This week's song was chosen by Bob - Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini. I think that it fits well into the topics of late.

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