#022 - Get Educated, Get Active, and Get Pissed Off (ft. Ted Mathys)


What's in your trash? Where does it go? Who picks through it? One summer, Ted Mathys answered these questions and more while living in New Delhi, India for an analysis of trash habits and climate change. Nowadays, Ted can be found teaching poetry and literature at Saint Louis University. And this week, he joined Brian, Bob, and Josh to talk a lot about trash, a bit about poetry, and minimally about Bob's poor attendance in his class. There is a delicate ecosystem alive in our landfills, and it plays a vital role in both our environment and what Ted refers to as the "gray economy." It's another one about climate change, but it's taking an angle often relegated to, well, the trash bin.

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This week's song closing song was chosen by Brian - Cocaine Jesus By Rainbow Kitten Surprise.

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