#024 - Courageous Empathy (ft. Nate Van Haute & Emma Vogt)


[Travel] Friends Nate Van Haute and Emma Vogt join us to share their passion for travel, thirst for new experience, and revolutionary new business, ViaheyMax and Emma believe in the power of world travel and strive to bring the opportunity to everyone. Their business is dedicated to designing "the authentic travel experience you've been dreaming of!" Max and Emma aim to give all clients a personalized travel experience, providing resources for the creation of the perfect trip, gap year, or future. 

Josh and Brian take the opportunity to discuss the benefits of travel with two veterans of the road. America's keen sense of isolationism seems to bleed into the way we dwell in cities both familiar and new. Max and Emma challenge these perceptions in hopes of reinvigorating the modern travel experience. New countries have never been so assessable, its time to learn how to travel to them responsibly. 

To learn more about Viahey's services, please visit Viahey.me 

This week's song was chosen by Bob. It is entitled Monday by Matt Corby and can be found here. Thank you for listening! 

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