#025 - Looking Ahead


Brian may be adventuring in Europe, but that doesn't stop us from getting back into the groove with the entitled family. Bob and Josh take the time to discuss Josh's new position at US Bank, learning a little more about the banking industry's essential place in society. Although a novice, Josh has much to share on the subject.

We then turn to discussing the future of the internet, an unadulterated free market. However, there are dangers that come with free markets. How did we continue to reinforce social regulations in a world with limited repercussions? How is it that internet trolls escape the punishments of social alienation? It seems that an inherently tribal society has a lot of topics to grapple with as it moves globally. 

Finally, we give some insight on the future of the podcast. We are truly excited for the future. Join us as we continue our search for knowledge and truth.

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