#026 - Chris Dolphin


This is the first episode of a new format that Bob will be leading bimonthly, as part of the growing Entitled to My Friend's Opinion Podcast. We are all excited to begin formulating multiple styles of podcasts to add variance to our aims. Bob will be conducting one-on-one conversations with friends and colleagues in greater length than our traditional episodes. We will publish these episodes on Mondays in the hopes that you will gradually listen to them throughout the week. We hope you enjoy. 

Our guest is Chris Dolphin, a writer, musician, and dear friend. Chris brings his unique propensity for story telling as we discuss marketing, global tribalism, and hinduism. Each word Chris uses seems to be chosen with intensifying care and candor. We think you'll truly enjoy him. 

Thank you to all of our listeners. For more information on our guests, or an archive of all of our past episodes visit our website entitledopinions.com


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