#037 - What's in the Box?

We wish we could say this episode was Brad Pitt saying "what's in the box?" on loop for an hour, sorry, not true. Instead, Bob and Josh discuss two classic thought Experiments. 

Beetle in the Box by Ludwig Wittgenstein describes a world in which everyone is given a box with a beetle inside. However, no one is able to look into anyone else's box. How then would the world be able to agree on the reality of what a beetle really is?

Mary's Room by Frank Johnson describes a brilliant scientist who understands the complexities of human sight, but has never seen in color. Although she understands everything that goes into seeing color, would she learn anything when exposed to color for the first time?

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Today's ending song is Wasting Time by Jack Johnson (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaDmchfCaJA)

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