#019 - Make Art Not War


[Politics] In one of our favorite episodes yet, we are propelled into a discussion of the recent Syrian airstrikes. The United States government, backed by an array of world powers, has condemned Bashar al-Assad as the culprit of the recent atrocity in Syria. 72 Syrian citizens were victim to a brutal chemical attack on April 4th, 2017. Donald Trump and his advisors responded with Tomahawk missile airstrike just 2 days later on a Syrian airbase.

We attempt to outline the players that have led to these events unfolding in Syria. We then lend our opinions on the matter and divulge into the possible outcomes of such significant events. 

Our conversations turn to discussions of BitCoin, the deep web, and eventually  a conversation regarding art. If you're deterred by the political weight of the start of the podcast, we urge you to listen on. We end with a light hearted discussion of the importance of art and its significance in our everyday. 

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