#020 - Hey, Does it Seem Warm out to You? (ft. David Brotherton)


[Climate Change Policy] This week we are lucky enough to be joined by David Brotherton, the Program Director for Business and Environment at University of California, Berkeley. David is able to lend his specific expertise as we begin to unpack the complexities of climate change. We start with a brief history of climate change and a brief explanation of its science. We then turn to the political and economic policy decisions that follow this issue and their impressive implications. Do environmental policies place too much pressure on the economy? Has the United States fallen significantly behind its European counterparts in policy creation? Does the United States have a responsibility to lead the globe in the reversal of climate change?

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Today's podcast featured the song Out of My Head by Casper. You can find the song in it's entirety at https://youtu.be/C4v0Fg6RBvQ. For more information on Casper, check out their Facebook & Twitter pages and be on the lookout for their new album, Lost Transmission, available May 31st, 2017. 

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