#030 - How Did We Get Here?

Josh and Bob tackle some local news, again reporting on the minimum wage in St. Louis City. Thanks to a study out of George Washington University, new evidence is mounting towards the challenge of minimum wage bumps. We decide to take a spin at the other things we could be focusing our attention on in the world of minimum wage positions. 

We then turn to the biggest joke of the 21st century - the Illinois state government. After 736 days of running sans budget, they've finally passed one. Let's see how it looks.

Finally, there is a meme of Donald Trump pile driving CNN and we have to talk about it. 

This weeks song is There Will Be Time by Mumford and Sons with Baaba MaalCheck it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCIHPdx1OAs (we do not own any rights) 

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